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A few projects finished over the weekend have given the living room some life.  We repainted an old mirror using matte black spray paint and propped it up atop the newly remade credenza.  I hit my favorite flower shop, Fleur de Lis (close to Enoch Pratt Library’s central branch)  for a couple of stems to fill our favorite vase.  I let the florist choose and she selected stems that matched the hues in the vase’s glaze, yellow and reddish-brown.  Same principle as choosing a mat for framing art work, I suppose.  People usually make the mistake of letting the color palette in the room guide these choices.

The new cover for the butterfly chair arrived from Circa 50.  The chair is now disarmingly comfortable.  I actually fell asleep in it after I put the baby down for a nap.  The leather sling really cradles you.  It had been such a disaster, what with the ripped canvas cover which must have been way too small.  The new cover is terrific, top quality.

Amazing what a few pillows will do.  The sofa upholstery is wool so the cotton cushion covers are really a necessity and not just fluff.  The gray I am sure is here to stay.  I am not sure about the green plaid, however.  We’ll see.


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How did I not know about Gary Gebler’s incredible collection.  The retired Sam Goodie and Record and Tape Traders executive has been running his treasure trove of vintage vinyl, Trax On Wax,  since last June.  Trax has joined the row of unique music stores along the stretch of Frederick Road before Mellor Avenue in Catonsville.  Gary told me that he began traveling up and down the coast gathering records for about a year before he opened shop. Great job, Gary.  What a catalogue.  I found three wax titles I had been searching for without even really digging.

That was within the first 15 minutes I spent in the shop.  Yeah, as you can see above I scored Al Di Meola’s Elegant Gypsy,  Chick Corea’s Circling In and Oscar Brown Jr.’s Sin and Soul.  I came up empty on Eddie Jefferson’s Things are Getting Better.  But, the Oscar Brown more than made up for it.   Imagine if I could have burned an hour or two.  Oh, and Gary’s knowledge is a bonus.  Once he noticed me scooping up Mahavishnu Orchestra he let me know where to find all the Jaco and John Mclaughlin.  That’s one of the things that makes vinyl so great–it sounds better and it brings better company.  Imagine the kid peddling discs at Best Buy anticipating your fusion jazz needs.  I never knew I could feel this way again.  Shout out to Stedeford’s Records back home in Pittsburgh.  You’ll find Trax on Wax at 709 Frederick Road.

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Head out to Baltimore’s convention center this weekend, February 25-28 for the 34th annual American Craft Council Show. The juried show displays the handy work of the finest crafters in ceramics, fiber art, furniture, lighting, glass and more.   This year’s show will include selections from the new category Green Craft from artists who use recycled and/or found materials and sustainable techniques.

The catalogue of contributors offers up some promising sights.  Illinois woodworker David Stine’s ” Strawn Table” (above).

Berkley, California fine art furniture maker Jim Rosenau’s wall shelf made of books (above)  and New York textile artist Erin Wilson’s colorful quilts (below).   The convention center is located at One West Pratt Street, Downtown Baltimore, MD 21201. The show begins at 10AM each morning at tickets for non-council members are $15 each.

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