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Budget versus Big shot.  We’ve been searching for LP storage and the options are surprisingly slim.  Here are two of the best.  Above, Atocha’s custom LP cabinet.  It really is a looker.  The company will build one to your liking for a few thousand dollars, on the low-end of the scale.  Each individual drawer stores about 95 albums.  Very nice, indeed.   My Uncle Neal in his younger years had what I thought was the ultimate pad complete with loads of LPs and beautiful stereo equipment.  Back then, in the early 70’s he had just finished up his engineering degree at CMU.  This puts me in the mind of something he would have owned.

These unfinished wood storage cubes from Gothic Cabinet Craft are $85 each.  You can stack and stagger them to create neat configurations.  We have a long open space to fill with LPs and equipment so this option suits us better all the way around.  We can fit a turntable, components as well as speakers between the cubes.  The dimensions–15×30–give us the option to store books as well.  When I was little, my mom and dad stored their books and music together in this way.    A dear friend’s family stored their books and music together, too.  They owned a large catalogue of LPs and an impressive reference library on art and jazz.  You could find reviews and other writings related to just about anything you pulled out of a dust sleeve.


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